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OnAsyncMouseMove event of IWImage

i french developer and not fluent in english but i try to do my best ! Well, i have a Vcl project where black circles are drawn inside a TImage (with Image1.Picture.Bitmap.Canvas). The 3 mouse events OnMouseDown, OnMouseMove and OnMouseUp are used to select with a black empty rectangle some circles drawn. This rectangle is drawn during the OnMouseMove even : the OnMouseDown event defines the upper left corner of the rectangle and the OnMouseUp event the bottom right corner of the rectangle. Then the Timage is drawn again entirely, the circles that inside the previous rectangle are drawn with red color and the others remain in black. I need OnMouseDown and OnMouseUp events on the server side to do some business logic. OnMouseMove event is only necessary for drawing the selection rectangle.

I try to do this with IW project (i use IW 15 evaluation edition). So i use a TIWImage because IWCanvas doesn't not exist. First i added javascript to avoid ghost image when you mouse down en mouse move inside ... So OnAsyncMouseDown and OnAsyncMouseUp events work well but OnMouseMove have issue : the selection rectangle begins to appear and then disappears.

Do you have an idea to solve this problem ? IWCanvas will come with IW 17 or not ?

Best regards

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