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Uploading more files
Hi again

I'm so happy with the forum as you helped me with one of my issues. I'm also more and more happy with the Intraweb. But I do have another question. File uploading.
I'm using IWFileUploader1 and layout manager and I also want to upload on a button press. It was a challenge to setup things to work. I'm happy with it but not 100%. The problem is that I'm not able to upload more than one file at a time. I'm showing uploaded files in a datatable. So I need to do a page refresh when upload is completed. I do a full submit in IWFileUploader1AsyncUploadSuccess like this:


But IWFileUploader1AsyncUploadSuccess is called after each file so if I have more that full submit breaks the upload. So finally the question. Is there anything that I can use to know if that was the last file uploaded? Or can I call some kind of a refresh page that does not break the upload. What I need is to drop into IWTemplateProcessorHTML1UnknownTag for my page to "draw".

Thanks again

I was exploring some ajax stuff and then I came to this event: AsyncSelectFile
And there you have it. In the parameters you can read all selected files. So you know in advance how many are there and you can call full submit only when you are done with all of them.

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