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upgrade IW 14 to 15, and beyond
Hi all,
I am looking to update my old IW14 (from late 2015) to the latest IW 15 Ultimate so I can do SSL, among other things.
Should I assume its fairly easy to move an IW14 project into IW15?
Any gotcha's I should know about?

Im still on Delphi 2010.
I know I'll have to update my TMS component pack but thats only like 40 euro apparently.

Also, AtoZed... Im just wondering... has it been decided, is the upcoming IW17 going to support Delphi 2010?

IW14 and IW15 are nearly 100% compatible. The biggest change is 14 to 15 in the package references.

17 IDE support is still undecided but unlikely to go back as far as 2010. Based on user usage numbers at best it would reach into the XE range somewhere and possibly not even that far back.

17 uses Extended RTTI, attributes and other features either introduced in later compilers, or with features that existed in earlier compilers but were limited or buggy.

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