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Bootstrap Side Bar
Howdy All!

Any one have an example of a sidebar they are using?

All the best,

Just found a huge design flaw in the source for IWBSRegion. I was trying to create a sidebar and I needed to put a fluid container inside a navbar. As soon as I did so, it added an extra "navbar-btn" class!

Here is the flawed code:

if (Parent is TIWBSNavBar) then
if TagType = bsttDiv then
TIWBSCommon.AddCssClass(ACss, 'navbar-btn')
TIWBSCommon.AddCssClass(ACss, 'navbar-text');

This code makes it impossible to add a container that is not a button. It should be a separate component, or a property.

I have already made a pull request on the project on GitHub. I'll make another for this. The biggest problem here is that fixing the mistake can break existing code Sad
Good morning Loren!

First, I appreciate the help!

I remember years ago on a library I wrote for C++ programmers, several people criticized me for making almost every public method and getter/setter functions as virtual. I told them the ability to overwrite everything with modern compilers/computers in my opinion exceeded in having a more complicated virtual table.

Any how, hopefully there will be a solution.

All the best,

You can use dynamic instead of virtual. Lower memory usage, but slower to call the methods. But in many cases a valid trade off if you want to make a lot of things overridable.

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