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We have the fastest zlib, yes!
Here is a speed comparison between IntraWeb zlib (our own zlib build, shipped with IW 15) and standard Delphi zlib:

[Image: zlib_Delphi10.2.png]

Performance difference is much higher in older compilers (XE8 and older, specially in x64)

PS: and no, you won't get that kind of performance with those defective clones Tongue
Some more info:

By default, IntraWeb will use gzip. Don't set your IW application to use deflate unless you know what you are doing (some older IE browsers have serious issues with Deflate algorithm and might fail to load your page completely).

Mode 1 (fastest) should be used in all web applications, unless you have some strong reason to switch to another mode. The difference in processor load and time is considerable, but the difference in compression, most of the times, doesn't follow.

Just upgrading from IW 14 to IW 15, your application will get a nice performance boost :-)
"Someone" might benefit from Mode 5/9 if they have strong processors but live on an island where their last mile of internet consists of two monkeys screeching at each other.   Big Grin


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