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Strange time lag with Intraweb ISAPI
Hi guys,
I have an Intraweb web database that is generally working well.
The only problem is that users experience a few seconds delay if they request after some time of inactivity.
E.g.... a user works with the web DB and it is blazingly fast, then he does for some minutes nothing with the web DB and when he then starts to work with the web DB again it takes 
approx. 10 seconds before the web DB answers (like as if it was waking up again), then everything is blazingly fast again till the next time of inactivity of the user...

I have set KeepAlive to true for all forms and the server controller, I setup the ISAPI application pool so that it should be awake always ...
StartMode: AlwaysRunning
IdleTimeout is set way higher than the time of user inactivity ...

The deployment is done on an Azure VM ...
all Energy settings are set, so that no idle timeouts of CPU or something should happen.

Had anybody ever such issues? How would you go about circleing in in the problem?
Hi, check your connection parameters to the DataBase, keepalive connection, etc. I don't think this is any IW inactivity problem.
Thanks Jose.
I had KeepConnection of the TFDConnection set, but under Assigned Values the rvKeepConnection was not flagged.
I will test if the problem is resolved by flagging the connection accordingly.

What I further thought was that it could be a memory problem because of the ISAPI DLL being a 32BIT one.

Should Intraweb work within a 64BIT ISAPI DLL? I cannot get it running - probably because of a required DLL missing or some other issue ... I should check if I can get it running with the most simple project.

yes, IntraWeb ISAPI x64 works just fine, in every IW 14 and 15 release. IIS setup is exactly the same, except that for x86 you need to enable 32-bit applications explicitly (it is false by default) and you don't need to do this when setting up a x64 dll

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