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IW Library deployment like aspx is working?

IW Library deployment like aspx is working normally?

Just my experience. After tries with Azure I made a decision to deploy using IW Library like ASPX. I created Azure VM with 2012 server, installed everything according these instructions -

Finally I got main main page, opened in the browser, but that's all:

- After F5 - page is refreshing infinite time. I can make the app working only after restarting IIS!
- If I'm opening the app in other browser - the same situation - page is loading infinite time;
- Naigation between forms (like create and show other form) - dosn't work... But maybe this issue correlated with the first one;

Maybe I selected wrong deployment again?
Have you tried to deploy a simple app with no dependencies like Guess to test your install?
I don't think the type of deployment is the factor here. There are infinite causes for a failure in page load.

Have you tried to check developer tools console window (F12)? is there any error there?

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