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Call a CGI app from IW

I have an application deployed as a service on AWS behind a Load Balancer in which I use an  external CGI call to another windows server running apache or IIS to generate reports etc...  the CGI exe is a nice wrapper around all the report objects.  The original reason for this was due to some issues or bugs I had that resulted in IW app crashing with the reporting built into it.  For longer running reports I implement a report queue which has other service based process running reports and extracting data and user just goes to report queue to retrieve, but the CGI is most used as it generates invoices, orders and small reports (outut as PDf files).

I previously asked in the EMB forum or Gitter if it was possible to just call he CGI exe from a Windows IW app. After all the CGI is a self contained exe that returns something to user in browser.  This would let me call the CGI form the IW app and run the cgi exe on the same machine IW runs in.  Just need to capture the output and send to the users session.  This would also help me eliminate extra server instances just to run IIS or APache for report CGI EXE's.  I know I can deploy to IIS or ASPX, and keep using CGI on same server, but I recall some responding (possibly Alex) that is could be possible.  

Anyway, this would be really cool as I could use this in an app I am currently developing as it would also be good for scaling as every time I fire up a node, it can be self contained including the app and reporting.  

Hi, you can use this demo to execute an external process.
(08-24-2018, 01:36 PM)José Nilton Pace Wrote: Hi, you can use this demo to execute an external process.

Thanks this will definitely help in some cases,  but I was hoping to be able to simulate a CGI call to get a response.  This external process  will be very useful for certain longer running tasks, such as long reports and importing a file where I can just provide user a visual alert or message.

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