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evaluation mode
I am not able to get my new product out of evaluation mode. I have not installed the version that comes with delphi, I have searched for all iwlicense files, deleted the DCUs and still not working. I have created a new intraweb standalone project and I get the following, no reason for the evaluation mode is given. I also have source in the path, I have traced the call to 'SetLicenseKey' and it is setting the correct key and its only called once, please help.
My IntraWeb Application (Indy - x86)
Evaluation Mode
IntraWeb Version: 15.0.6
Build Date: Jun 19, 2018
32-bit Server on 64-bit Windows
HTTP Server is active on port: 62380
--------------------- ---------------------
Hi, in IW15 you have a NEW iw License (starts with +0011).

yeh i have used that, the code does not give me any errors, its valid but the application still shows as evaluation mode. Not really happy, need to get this app out asap and its held up because of this.

i have debugged the iwlicense file, it is passing the correct code as well and the application is not giving any reasons why its failing either.
Please, follow these links and execute with administrator permission:
I have been over them a few times and tried from scratch again, still no difference.

it is pretty frustrating at this point.

The project logs give no reason for the registration, seems like something else is going wrong.

Please check your e-mail. Seems that something went wrong with your license but it is already sorted out.
yes can confirm, i was not the problem, lol.

all working now.
I too am having the same proble. I requested and received a key "+0010..." have run the removal tool and installed IW 14.2.13 at least 10X. Very frustrating. The install/upgrade language is vague and inconsistent. Worlds like "probably" (do this) are used...not inspiring. In the past three days, I have spent at least 20 hours trying everything to get IW 14.2.13 out of evaluation mode in Delphi XE2. My greatest complaint against Borland and now Embarcadero is their unfriendly licensing process. IW appears to have followed suit. I would imagine that the IW licensing process is so effective that there aren't any IW devlopers remaining. I won't be on. I left an angry post last night. I'm done.

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