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great product you cannot run
I spent ALL f'ng day today trying to get a key for my XE2 pro that actually worked and let me create a plain SA {No-IP dns}:80 anything not "127.0...". I think IW is the greatest product I will never use.
Communications are poor, inconsistent, and lack handholding.
I'm not clear on what you're trying to do. Are you talking about the Intraweb key?

If so, I can get to mine by going to start, "Intraweb" folder then "IntraWeb License Registration. Is that what you're looking for, or are you talking about some other key?

I'm running XE2, but not with the latest IntraWeb at the moment. Works great, the key hasn't really been a problem.

What key do you need? Send me your registration email to alexandre at atozed dot com

You can always get your keys (if you purchased a license at any point in the past years) login into

If you can't find your key there, I can get it sorted if you drop me an email.

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