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IWURL No cache
Hello, in process of updating an old app from IW9 to IW15 and I have a function that creates a pdf and just uses the session id for the file name put into the IWURL, this same file will be repeatedly updated when requesting pdf's using the same name and then deleted once the session has expired.

This worked well in IW9 but I had used the /filesnc flag so that the hyperlink didn't get cached.  In IW15 I had to change this to just /files to get it to work and it does, but in Edge it is caching the URL and only displaying the same file over and over again, despite the fact that the original file has indeed been updated to the content now required.  The files are being generated in wwwroot/files.

Is there an option in IW15 to make a IWRL not cache like it used to be or do I need to play around with IW Cache?  I can get this to work by removing the hyperlink and doing an onclick event on an IWImage that does a sendfile, this will work, but not the way I had originally intended to use it.

I think I might have to move the pdf from wwwroot/files to app path/files and the filesnc will work, but this again is not what I want to do as it would mean having to copy the file every time a link is clicked which is not the best option.

Any suggestions on how to make the IWURL not cache the file in all browsers?


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