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Jqgrid statesave

I've to keep the order on a column for example when the user leaves the page and then returns back, now the grid is reloaded and loses any option. I've seen that there is a property when configurating datatables that stores state information such as pagination position, dislpay length, filterind and sorting. The code is as follows: 

$('#example').dataTable( {
  stateSave: true,
  stateSaveCallback: function(settings,data) {
      localStorage.setItem( 'DataTables_' + settings.sInstance, JSON.stringify(data) )
  stateLoadCallback: function(settings) {
    return JSON.parse( localStorage.getItem( 'DataTables_' + settings.sInstance ) )
} );

I'm not sure  that's possible to adapt this code to a jqdbgrid... I think i'm not understanding how it's jqdbgrid based, in wich javascript/jquery object because it isn't sharing the same code as datatables. or datatables code it's embeded into jqgrid object? 

Thank you very much. 


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