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IW and Apache

I have previously used Apache to handle multiple websites running on different ports as described here

This has worked well and can be used even when one or more of the web servers are running on a different machine. It means I can have one SSL certificate (which is used by Apache) and multiple websites (which can be on the same machine or on different machines).

I have thought about using http.sys but I don't think I would be able to achieve the same outcome (multiple websites, multiple machines, one SSL certificate, one instance of Apache). Hence I have stuck with the setup described in the linked post.

I have also read this page:

I have never found it necessary to assign a value to RewriteURL in the Config event as described on this page, but I agree with everything else.

However I have come across a problem with a project I am currently working on using D11.1 and IW15.2.65. I cannot get the website to work correctly when deployed using Apache. The home page of the site displays initially when browsing to it using the domain name but it does not work. It does not respond to any mouse clicks at all. The application does work as expected if accessed locally on the server machine.

Can anyone confirm if it is still possible to use Apache as a reverse proxy with the current versions of Delphi and IW?

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