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IntraWeb Bootstrap and TFrame
I am at the start of developing intraweb bootstrap application. It should have about 8 pages with the same menu in the header. Do you think that it's good idea to use one frame with menu for each page, so the menu its going to be same for each page (it loads to TFrame)?
Thanks, Jindrich

Menu = IWBSNavBar+IWBSNavBarHeader+IWBSNavBar+IWBSNavBarCollapse
Yes, in general it is a good idea to keep the common areas of pages as TFrames. The other way to do it is having a single page which contains the common parts and have the "different" parts in frames. It really depends on your page organization and layout, but both work.

I particularly don't like frames, not because they are bad, but because of the way they work inside the Delphi IDE at design time.

I think in either case, it is better if you create the frames at runtime. In the end, it works better at design time.

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