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HttpSys post size limits
What is the limit on the POST body size for HttpSys applications?

And if it's low by default, how can it be increased?

I have not yet tested this myself, but I expect there must be some default limits in place, in the usual Microsoft way (i.e.:, so I thought I'd ask before I get burnt. I cannot see this exposed in the ServerController, nor could I find any references to MaxRequestBodySize in IW sources.

Specifically, I have a service and I know I can do POST to it and I can see it's receiving data. In this case, it would be MIME64-encoded file contents, but generally it may need to be any random binary data.
You mean regular field sizes or file uploads?

There's no limit in IW layer. The limit is stablished by Kernel itself. For uploads, I've personally tested it with 2 GB files and had no issues.

here's some info from MS:

This is also a good source of information.

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