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css properties in check and radio components
Good afternoon, I am using many IWRadioButton, IWRadioGroup, IWDBRadioGroup, IWCheckBox and IWDBCheckBox in html templates. I think it would be much better and easier to work with them if they had a css property for items and captions. This way you can take better advantage of bootstrap or W3.css frameworks as these have their classes defined inside input, label and span tags . is it possible to do this in some next version. Thanks in advance.

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I'll add this feature request to our backlog. I can't guarantee but I'll evaluate it and let you know.

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Dear all, I have been able to solve this with JavaScript code in the html file. However, this solution is quite tedious when there are many IntraWeb components containing child tags that need classes. I attach image with the solution to maintain compatibility with Bootstrap 4 and 5. You could create 2 properties for the components IWCheckBox, IWRadioButton, IWDBCheckBox... called InputCSS and LabelCSS (or something similar) to input the classes and avoid so much redundant JavaScript code. Thanks in advance, hopefully it can be done.

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