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Intraweb Tags not recognized
I am using IW 15 with Delphi 11 on Windows 11 and am truing to add a bootstrap template to my login form.

I have linked the template and it displays, however when I attempt to link the edit fields on the form they disappear when the form is displayed using the template. It appears that the intraweb tag {%%} is not being recognized.

The following is the line in the template that is problematic

{%edtUserName type="email" class="form-control form-control-user" aria-describedby="emailHelp" placeholder="Enter Email Address..."%}
What version of IW are you using? In my testing's with IW15.2.50 it's working fine.

I pasted your code in an existing template and added a TIWEdit control to the form with the name edtUserName. 

In IW15.2.32 there has been a bugfix regarding the use of hyphen in attributes.

Does it work if you don't use the attributes like {%edtUserName%}?
I am using Ver IW15.2.50 and Delphi 11.  If I remove the tags the form displays fine however the components in the template are not linked to the components on my form. I tried switching to Delphi tags  but the result was the same. Maybe there is something else that I need to configure to activate the use of the tags .  This is my first attempt at using templates with IW forms. I downloaded the template from the Bootstrap site, linked it to my form and it displayed, however when I try to link components on my form to the components on the template The component does not display.
I tested this case of yours and everything seems to work as expected.

Can you please give it a try and let me know what you get?

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