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IWDBGrid hangs

Intraweb version 15.2.49

I'm using the IWDBGrid component in my IntraWeb application. The component is connected to a DataSet. To be able to navigate the records I assigned a OnClick event to all the TIWDBGridColums. The event simply does:       

FDQueryMain.Locate('MyField', AValue);

All works fine, except that the application completely hangs if I click around in the grid. Sometimes I can swith rows 50 times before it hangs. It seems to happen if I click on a new row before the screen is finished updating after last click.

When it hangs the entire form is unresponsive, including all other buttons and controls on the same form as the grid.
No events are triggerd any more in the application.

If I in the browser press refresh button and reload the form it starts working again.

I also tried using OnAsyncClick instead of OnClick in the TIWDBGridComuns but this event does not trigger att all?!

Any ideas how to solve this hang problem?

Best regards, Mikael
This happens because more than 1 request is posted, before the first response arrives.
If you are posting a sync request, you need to turn on the LockOnSubmit to True (of your IWForm), so it will be locked to new requests until the pending response is received.

Please let me know if it fixed the issue. Otherwise I think I'll need a test case showing this issue.
Ok, thanks. I'll test this next time I work on that project.


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