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TIWBSTabControl in TFrame created runtime does not respond to OnAsyncChange
I have a TIWBSTabControl in a frame.

When this frame is created at runtime (with a TIWBSRegion as parent), the tabcontrol OnAsyncChange is not responding until the page is reloaded/refreshed.

If the parent TIWBSRegion.AsyncRefreshControl is called after frame create, the tabcontrol OnAsyncChange fires, but the same call makes TIWBSButtons in same frame unresponsive.

Workaround was to send a javascript which triggers a callback event, but could this be a TIWBSTabControl issue when created runtime within a frame?

Workaround script where "ajaxCallbackAction" is a custom js library function used to trigger callback events:
$("#'+fMyFrame.MyTabControl.HTMLName+'_tabs").off("").on("", function(e){ajaxCallbackAction("mytabchange",$("tabindex"));});
Do you have a simple test case showing this?
(01-12-2022, 12:56 AM)Alexandre Machado Wrote: Do you have a simple test case showing this?


I have tried to create a simple test-case to replicate the issue.

In the sample, a frame containing a 3-page tabcontrol is created at runtime when the button 'Make' is pressed. 

Another thing discovered during debugging on TIWBSTabControl, also on those responding well with a form parent; Perhaps I use it not correctly, but the TIWBSTabControl's ActivePage property is different from the EventParams 'page' parameter. The latter is found to show the correct selected page.
Thanks for looking into this.

Øystein Jakobsen, Norway

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