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Unit generated from netstandard2.0 library misses NET.mscorlib
I am trying to use a netstandard2.0 assembly from delphi. From the generated unit's uses list NET.mscorlib is misssing. I have added it manually and then the unit works. But I am wondering how well using a netstandard2.0 assembly will work and will I run into other issues.
Seems like using a netstandard2.0 library is not tested before CrossTalk is released which makes me worry.

.NET standard libraries are binary compatible with .NET macro. I believe the latest CT is build against 4.6.1 and I think for proper .net 2.0 std we need to update to 4.6.2. Its a simple rebuild and I have asked Alexandre to update the build.

That being said, if you have 4.6.2 installed, even with CT linking to 4.6.1, CT should be able to use .NET standard 2.0 assemblies as is.

I'm not sure why you needed to add the reference manually, but once you do it should load and run the .NET 2.0 assembly OK as they are binary compatible.
Thanks. Yes in my tests I was able to use the .Net standard 2.0 assemblies. the only issue is the missing unit from the uses list. Has to be added each time the code is generated.
For now please just add that unit then. Smile

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