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Column OnClick goes to top of page
In a IWDBGrid I use a column's OnClick to locate the record from the LinkField.
But this always scrolls to the top of the page. It's a pain for the users because that puts the grid they're working on out of sight since it's further down the page.
I tried using the colunm's OnAsyncClick instead but it's never fired.

What's the trick to select the record from the grid without losing the current focus?
I tried using a TIWDBNavigator instead of the the grid column OnClick to change record.
Same thing, reloads the whole page.
This is a small slave dataset displayed in the middle of the page, I only need the grid to refresh. Test users hate being thrown back to the top of the page.

Thanks for any advice.
I suggest checking out the newer JQ grid we have support for. Its far functional.
Setting the grids parent form property 'AutoScrollPos' to true should keep the correct position after a full refresh.
AutoScrollPos property sounds like exactly what I need, but set it to true and the page still scroll to the top when column's OnClick fires.
Did I miss something?
There must be more going on then.  I did a simple test with an iwdbgrid and the column onclick and it worked correctly, it didn't scroll to the top and kept it's position.

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