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Grids - Refresh & change record
I need a little help with grids.

1. When I post changes, the grid is not refreshed to show the changes.
2. When I click on a row in a grid, the record is not selected. 
   I see the page reload, but the first row is always selected.

I just got the latest release v15.2.41

Thank for any advice
I found the answer to question 2.
You assign an event to the grid's first column's OnClick event (not OnAsyncClick) and locate the new record there.

Still looking for a way to refresh the grid with changed data.
I tried the following but no success.
grid->Invalidate() ;
grid->Repaint() ;
grid->RepaintControl() ;
grid->Refresh() ;
Hi, in IWDBGrid i do:
IWDBGrid.DoRefreshControl := True;
FYI, what I found is that refresh does not work when the dataset is in edit mode.
That was my problem.

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