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Subscription reneval
The tech highlighted this:

>>> to ensure the host's
| domain leads to a website providing full contact details. <<<

But we have a contact page on our website. And am I really to believe they have techs going to companies websites to manually check this information???????
Thank you for taking care of the matter, I don't want to comment on the ISP.
Here is what I sent back to their latest response. This is nuts.

On 10/5/2021 9:31 AM, Deutsche Telekom E-Mail Engineering Bruno Wild wrote:
> - Full name and address of the responsible person.
> - Telephone number, fax number and email address.
> And if "" is a company the domain has to lead to a website
> showing at least the following points:
> - Full name and address of the Company.
> - Names of the managing directors of the company.
> - Telephone number, fax number and email address of the company.
> - Name and address of the companies´ court of registration and its
> registration number.
> - VAT identification number of the company.

I'm sorry but this is ridiculous. No other company asks for this. We will be instead filtering emails from our system and alerting our users that such emails cannot be used in our system.

1) You are telling me that you manually check each and every company that you accept SMTP mail from.

2) You are telling me that in 2021, we are required to have a FAX number to allow you to accept SMTP mail from us.

3) You are telling me that we *publicly* need to list a telephone number of our tech contact to accept SMTP mail from us.

In fact for, I cannot find the information that you listed. If they are there, its not readily noticeable. And the whois record is nearly bare for

Forum note:
-We DO list our VAT ID, Legal company name, Company country of registration, all dept emails, etc.
-This is some East German bureaucracy at its best.
I understand your annoyance at the reprimand by Deutsche Telekom, since you have apparently never had any problems with email communication.

It is not my place to give your company any advice on this, but since I am also concerned about this, I would at least like to express my private opinion.

Every website should have a clearly visible imprint to show the visitor who the owner of the website is.
An imprint also contains a summons address of the owner of a website so that legal claims can be enforced against him in court.
For service providers in Germany, the obligation to comply with the so-called imprint obligation arises from Section 5 TMG (Telemedia Act) and Section 55 RStV (Interstate Broadcasting Agreement).
The necessary content of an imprint can be found in the relevant regulations.
For providers from other EU member states, the imprint obligation under German law does not apply, only the corresponding regulations from the country of residence of the service provider!

An appropriate domain name and a static internet address in almost all countries are required to operate an e-mail server.
All necessary contact information should be included in the DNS record. In my opinion, it is not absolutely necessary to operate a website under the domain name used.
Deutsche Telekom may be confused that your company is registered in Cyprus (EU) but the email server is operated in the United States.

The given Internet address is not the website of the service provider Deutsche Telekom, it is

Deutsche Telekom AG in its current form emerged on January 2, 1995 from the former Deutsche Bundespost TELEKOM.
It is the holding company of Europe's largest telecommunications company with headquarters in Bonn.
Since German reunification took place on October 3, 1990, the bureaucracy mentioned in Deutsche Telekom is certainly not a purely East German problem.

So if you want to boycott Deutsche Telekom in the future, I will have to enter a different email address in my contact information.

We have our VAT ID and company of registration as well as email contacts. Our full legal name is there and our company public records are on public file. In Greek BTW - as that is the language of Cyprus......We do not list a FAX because.. its 2021..... And we dont list phone because only people looking to abuse tech support or try to sell something use a phone in these days.... And even the big companies... sure FB has a number listed... can you get past the robots to speak to a human?

"Deutsche Telekom may be confused that your company is registered in Cyprus (EU) but the email server is operated in the United States."

They are not confused by this. In this day of virtual servers, few host in their own country. Especially a small island country like Cyprus. And our server is in the Netherlands..... Both Cyprus and NL are EU even.

And to be clear.. its not us boycotting them. They are blacklisting us without cause.

Here is the latest and last email to them:
Such information is available to German and ALL *customers* and is also public record for anyone who wishes to access it otherwise. Are you a customer of ours? And if so, why would we need to publish information in a public spot of your choosing when its in public records and also we provide to our *customers*?

We are *not* required to list such information publicly on our website which leads to spam calls, and even identity theft.

Furthermore, you now have admitted that the dozens of pages of requirements you sent us are in fact malleable as Fax and other things apparently are not actually required.

No other company in the world has demanded that we publish such information on our website in order to deliver email to their customer. Our domain has been registered since 2003 and has *never* had an unfavorable score in the spam databases. Your company alone chooses to black list us based on arbitrary, non standard, and apparently even shifting requirements.

The official language of Cyprus is Greek. If we were to post only in Greek, would you even be able to pick out the information? Do you vet Chinese companies or do you just blacklist all of China?

As I said before, we will not be complying. We will however be adding notice to our website and contacting any of our customers with your domain and alerting them to the issue and require them to provide alternate email addresses. Our customer base is not as large as yours, but it does measure into the millions because of our extensive licensing agreements and Germany is one of our largest customer bases.

My German friends always told me tales of after unification and about former East German Bureaucrats finding new jobs and often creating havoc. I guess its nice to see that Deutsche Telekom welcomed them into such senior positions of authority to create such policies.

On 10/6/2021 7:42 AM, Deutsche Telekom E-Mail Engineering Gustav Brenner wrote:
> Dear Sir or Madam,
> at we can see:
> | Legal Name: Atozed (Computer) Software Ltd
> | VAT ID: CY10131077B
> This is not sufficient if you are addressing German customers. At least,
> there needs to be the company's full house address, the name of the
> managing directors and the company's registration number, and the
> authority where it is registred.
> Kind regards,
> Gustav Brenner
> Deutsche Telekom AG
> E-Mail Engineering
> Deutsche-Telekom-Allee 9
> D-64295 Darmstadt
> E-Mail:
> Life is for sharing.
> You will find the compulsory statement at:
> This e-mail may contain confidential and/or privileged information.
> If you are not the intended recipient (or have received this e-mail
> in error) please notify the sender immediately and delete this e-mail.
> Any unauthorized copying, disclosure or distribution of the material
> in this e-mail is strictly forbidden.
"The given Internet address is not the website of the service provider Deutsche Telekom, it is"

That alone violates one of the many requirements that they demand of us. They aren't complying even with the specific terms that they demand we conform to and say we are in violation of. The domain of the email we cannot send to is at and according to their own statements, then we must be able to find such info at THAT domain, and not an affiliated domain. They were very clear about this.

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