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Maintain url with handler
Hi at all,
I have this situation: I have a link like this (in a tag)
I have registered an handler in this way
with THandlers.Add ('/Curriculum/', '', TContentForm.Create (TBSCurriculumCandidatoSingoloForm)) do
  CanStartSession: = True;
  RequiresSessionStart: = False;
so the /Curriculum/ display TBSCurriculumCandidatoSingoloForm form.
When clicked link the form is displayed but the link in the address bar change like this: this part KeyNumber-Surname-Name.html?CurriculumKey=KeyNumber&DaHome = 1 is deleted.
Is it possible to mantain all url like original ( for search engines?

Thank you

P.s : i use intraweb 15.2.31
It is possible if you create your own TContentForm descendant. Other than that we are implementing new things in ContentHandlers area that will make it possible via properties.
Stay tuned for the new update 15.2.37. It will contain a new property that allows you to do exactly that.
Thank you Alexandre.
Try IW 15.2.37 recently released. You must create your content handler and set the property RedirectToPath to FALSE. It will then behave as you intend.

Please let me know how it goes.

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