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Documents confirming the purchase of the Ultimate license.
Good afternoon! I recently bought a license for Ultimate. Please explain how to get the documents confirming the purchase? My accounting department requires a document that confirms that the purchase has been made.

I apologize that I have to write this question on the forum, but there is no answer to my appeal to the personal account. 

I need some kind of document that would confirm that my money was spent on the purchase of the Ultimate Intraweb license.
Simply email elk at and request your invoice if you did not receive it already.
Please specify the request to send to this address: ***** ?
Yes. I didnt post it exactly as to avoid spam harvesters and I edited your message as well to remove it.

If you go to and click contact, then admin you can find it there as well.
I wrote to this address on 14.08.21 - there is no answer.
I checked our logs. elk at atozed replied to you on both Aug 14 and Aug 18th. Please check your spam filters.

I will also forward via our gmail account to you now.
The bill came, thank you.

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