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Problem with SA http.sys and SSL

I'm converting my older Intraweb version 14 standalone application to 15 (http.sys) standalone. I eventually got it running in non secure mode. I'm trying to run with SSL, but I'm having trouble. There's something I'm missing, so as an experiment I started a new http.sys standalone project. I followed the example here: However I noticed it doesn't seem to mention setting it up to support SSL.

So to try it, I'm calling WebApplication->SwitchToSecure() from IWServerControllerBaseNewSession. I've got the openSSL files in the output dir (libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll). I'm doing the same thing I was doing before under version 14. Additionally, I'm following the instructions on: 
to create a self signed cert. Then, I'm running the Intraweb GUI, and clicking a browser button. If I don't call SwitchToSecure, I get my 'Hello World!" test form. If I do call SwitchToSecure, I get the "This site can't be reached" error message. I also get a strange resulting URL with a string or random characters appended to it. 

What am I missing? I haven't found much searching the forum for getting SSL working under http.sys. In the Intraweb v14 (which I assume is Indy), I had no trouble running under SSL.

Is there any instructions or threads out there someone can point me to about getting a stand alone http.sys app running in secure mode?

I'd appreciate any ideas, or rebukes if I'm just being dumb and missing the obvious.
For SSL you set it up like any HTTPS application. The SSL properties you refer to are only for SA.
Thank you, I'll take a careful look through that thread.

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