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Intraweb 15 License

I purchased Intraweb 15 and got this email with the key:

Thank you for your order!

Important: This key works only for IntraWeb 15

Customer Name: arthur xxxxx
Company: precision xxxxx
Developer Name: arthur xxxx
Edition: STD
Serial Number: 2021xxxxx
Issue Date: 03/Mar/2021
Expiration Date: 03/Mar/2022

When I convert an existing Intraweb app to HTTPSys, I get the error:
HttpSys application is not available in your license

Why is this happening?
This is why:
Edition: STD

As you can see here:

Standard includes only SA an Service deployment. For HTTP.sys you will need to upgrade to Ultimate. If you are interested in upgrading to ultimate, email atozed.sales on gmail and they can arrange a probable discount depending on when and how you purchased your standard license. It looks recent but we will need to access the purchase record first.
Thanks, I have emailed atozed.sales and provided info on the date of purchase and receipt etc.

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