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iAutherevent question about traffic from browser to server
I am looking at a non-https intraweb application.  I see the iW authorization components and the
Autherevent looks promising.
I see that placing it on the servercontroller and using the oncheck event I get what I need.
Before anything happens when connecting to the iw web server the prompt comes up.
[Image: image.thumb.png.3cd7d7df8ed03fcae983af979fd6f311.png]
When this is sent back to the server from a browser is that message encrypted in anyway with iW functionality or
is it open html text?
Thanks in advance
IW doenst have any control over how it is transmitted. This is all part of the HTTP protocol. If you are not using HTTPS then it will not be encrypted.

If you want it encrypted, you will need to use HTTPS.

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