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BootStrap 4 Dialogs Broken...
Big Grin 
Howdy Alexandre!

As I have mentioned before, when you introduced  the RenderAsyncEnabled feature, it broke my IW apps (after I just got them working from the previous breaks  Big Grin).

Any how, I finally have some free time, I installed the latest IW, and my IWBS4 dialogs based on Loren Szendre Moab dialog components are broken.

I have  a general Message Dialog class I wrote based on it and I am going to put together an example tomorrow with it broken.

Before I do that and if you see this message and answer, it there something you changed that would have broken the Moab code? I have RenderAyncEnabled = False in ServerController and the TIWForms.

Thanks in advance,


I emailed an example that shows the problem - I also included an executable compiled with version IW 15.1.22 that shows it working.


Fixed in the latest 15.2.23 released earlier today

For future reference, RenderAsyncEnabled must be FALSE globally (through ServerController.RenderAsyncEnabled public property) or for that specific form (through the property of the same name)
Howdy Alexandre,

I have installed 15.2.23 and my web application is FINALLY back on the latest version of IW!!!



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