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Make TIWImage transparent
How can I make a TIWimage transparent ? 

I have tried loading a BMP image as 'picture', and I have set the property 'Transparentcolor' to clWebWHITE.

I would now expect that all white areas in the BMP become transparent, but this does not happen.
If you want your application to scale, prefer TIWImageFile over TIWImage. TIWImage needs to be converted at runtime into a PNG (or JPG) to be served.
Also, it can't be cached by the web browser.

Best thing to do is: Create a transparent PNG file, save it into wwwroot folder and use the file name in TIWImageFile.
Loading the image with a transparent color seems to do the job. Thanks!
This has been fixed in the new update that we are building. Cheers,

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