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intraweb http application and https on same machine
hello I have 3 intraweb applications in http on a windows server, one on port 8888, one on port 8898 and one on port 8895.
The 3 work very well simultaneously. But since yesterday I switched the one to 8888 on port 8080 and SSL (port443 in https). 
This application works well by control the other 2 do not launch at all, no error message, nothing, I do not understand at all why, someone would have an explanation and especially a solution
Port 8080 and 443 are predefined ports and usually already in use by other applications. You probably have a port conflict and need to disable those other apps from using those ports if you want your application to use them.
hello but my https application is OK it is the others that's ko.
Have you checked the log file in the same directory where the binary is?

When the server fails to start, IW will create (or append to) a file with the same name as the EXE of your application but with a .log extension.

It will contain some information such as:

12/01/2021 7:25:40 PM Error: Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.
hello I succeeded in making coexist HTTP and Https applications by launching the HTTP applications with the IP address and not with the name of the machine. With the name of the machine, the application wants to switch to Https
It sounds like you may have a DNS or other based redirect for the name to https. Many hosters do this by deafult because browsers now often warn of non SSL sites.

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