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IntraWeb14 C-Builder

I'm trying to get IntraWeb running in c++. Everything is wonderful in delphi, but not in C-Builder.

The generated code from the Wizzard can no be compiled. I get the following errors:

In Project1.c

include <vcl.h>

#pragma hdrstop
USEFORM("Unit1.cpp", IWForm1); /* TIWAppForm: File Type */
USEFORM("ServerController.cpp", IWServerController); /* TIWServerControllerBase: File Type */
USEFORM("UserSessionUnit.cpp", IWUserSession); /* TIWUserSessionBase: File Type */
#include <IWRtlFix.hpp>
#include <IWStart.hpp>

#if _WIN64
#elif __WIN32__
TIWStart * p = new TIWStart (true);
p> Execute (true);
catch (exception & exception)

return 0;
// ------------------------------------

[bcc32 error] Project1.cpp (20): E2285 No match found for 'TIWStart :: TIWStart (bool)'
  Full parser context
    Project1.cpp (17): parsing: int __stdcall WinMain (HINSTANCE__ *, HINSTANCE__ *, char *, int)

Ok, I changed it to 

TIWStart * p = new TIWStart (); 
works, but the I get the next Error:


#include <vcl.h>

#pragma hdrstop

#include "UserSessionUnit.h"


#pragma package(smart_init)

#pragma resource "*.dfm"


TIWUserSession* UserSession()


  return (TIWUserSession*)WebApplication->Data;



__fastcall TIWUserSession ::TIWUserSession (TComponent* Owner, TIWApplication* ASession)

: TIWUserSessionBase(Owner, ASession)




[bcc32 error] UserSessionUnit.cpp (20): E2285 No match found for 'TIWUserSessionBase :: TIWUserSessionBase (TComponent *, TIWApplication *)'
  Full parser context
    UserSessionUnit.cpp (19): parsing: _fastcall TIWUserSession :: TIWUserSession (TComponent *, TIWApplication *)

Before I swapped the Intraweb Lib shipped by Embarcadero for the version 14 of Atozed Software, everything worked fine in the C-Builder.

The examples work in Delphi but not in the C-Builder. There are always the same errors. What is wrong. 

I have no idea. I have already lost too much time searching for the error codes. I need help or even better an executable example in c++.

Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh Huh 

Thank you for your help
I had those errors at one point. I can't remember exactly how to get rid of it, but the compile errors are due to include path problems, link errors are due to library path problems

"The generated code from the Wizzard can no be compiled"

Which version did you use to generate the project?
Please follow these steps

1) Download and run IntraWeb Bundled Removal Tool. You can find instructions and download here:

2) Check your paths for C++ compiler. Please notice that C++ Builder 32 bits use the classic compiler, so you must check classic compiler settings. Make sure you don't have invalid and old paths there. In doubt, please copy and paste here your C++ Builder path regarding IntraWeb

3) Install latest IW version for your IDE

4) In your project options disable: 
  a) Link with RTL libraries
  b) Use runtime packages

Try to rebuild it again and see what you get.
Please check your e-mail. I've sent you instructions to update IntraWeb to our latest build. Please make sure that you also follow my previous instructions.

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