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Size of the desktop (screen) of the client device
how do I find out the size of the desktop (screen) of the client device?
Check the demos, there is a page in one of the demos that shows this.
You can obtain the size of the *browser* window easily:

WebApplication.FormHeight and WebApplication.FormWidth

or, from the form itself, you can check its sizes using properties Width and Height.

It doesn't contain the actual size of the screen though (which is for the vast majority of the cases irrelevant).

Can you please elaborate on why do you need the sizes of the screen?
I wanted to analyze the size and change the screen content depending on it. But I realized that it would be better if the formatting was applied correctly. Thank you for the question you asked. He directed me to a different way of solving the problem.
In addition to screen size you can use anchors and aligns, or a template with a responsive layout. We have demos for all of these including screen size detection.

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