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Original StartParams to Restarted Session

I'm a new IntraWeb user so maybe I'm asking a stupid question...

I'm using IntraWeb 15.2.17 with Delphi 10.4.1 building a stand-alone exe.

The problem I have is with sessions when they end by timeout. I then want the session to restart, this works OK, BUT I loose the initial StartParams. 
I send startparams as this when i connect to the IntraWeb server:$/Start?KLINIKID=/p...QIVxRSeruQ==

KLINIKID=/pbZUQZS2dPdQIVxRSeruQ== is crutial for the session, but when it restarts I loose it.

I get KLINIKID=/pbZUQZS2dPdQIVxRSeruQ== to the session from IWServerController.OnParseParameter from the AParam parameter.

I have IWServerController.ShowStartParams = True.

Thanks for a GREAT product!

Best regards
Hi Roger,

yes this is a recurrent request and it has been partially implemented previously. We are working to have a better support for it in the next release.

Please stay tuned
I want this too!  Cool
This feature was introduced some time ago and it needed to be sidelined due to a major refactoring we did in version 15.1 (the way the session list works now was not 100% compatible with the original solution).

We now refactored the expired session control and a new update will bring it back in an improved version.

The next IntraWeb release will contain this update. Stay tuned!

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