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JavaScript How To??
(09-23-2020, 04:36 PM)Сергей Александрович Wrote: Beautiful! And how to do it?

I use this JS:
(09-24-2020, 12:55 AM)ShaneStump Wrote:
(09-23-2020, 02:04 PM)kudzu Wrote: Barcode with IntraWeb

Howdy Big K!

I have had barcode scanning in my web application for quite a while .... the problem is everybody told me how great camera phones are for scanning and let's just say I spent 2 hours on the phone today quiet listening to why they are not....

So I am going to use a MaskEdit routine since my barcodes aren't in a random format and can be masked.... I wish I had enough time and the javascript skills to write a popup dialog class that would read the keyboard and exit when either a valid bar code was scanned in or the user pressed a cancel button (like what I have in my Windows apps).

All the best,


Just thinking out loud, no actual experience to offer.  I haven't played with barcode scanning on a web browser either, but it seems to me that it should work.   I know that apps are doing it, so a browser should be able to do it as well.

With regard to js libs, have you looked at the image resolution presented to the decoder?  Is it actually getting a good image to work with?  Are there camera parameters to tinker with?  Is it doing image capture differently for your customer vs what you see in development? (different phone or settings etc?).

It has been years, but I've done the "keyboard intercept" thing before, in an app like you.  I hate it, but it works.  Being able to intercept keystrokes on a form level lets you automatically switch in and out of capture mode (for others, scanners will usually send a preamble and termination).   I also think there is a way to do that sort of thing in JS, but my gut would favor getting the image capture to work if the target is mobile phones.   If the target is (fixed) workstation where you can keep a scanner attached then the intercept might be right.

Free comments worth not quite what you pay for them <g>.

Is there something similar for QR codes?

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