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15.2.12 resets tab order to creation order
Using C++ Builder 10.3.2 / IW 15.2.12

Add controls to form then modify taborder.  After form is rendered, modified taborder is reset to the order of control creation.  15.2.11 works correctly.

Demo attached.

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Tab order mechanism has been (almost) completely refactored in our code base after release of 15.2.12. Several issues have been occurring one way or another in different scenarios since IW 12 and older. A definitive fix needed not only to involve a major refactoring of the code but also coordination with 3rd parties (especially CG Dev Tools team) otherwise it would break their implementation as well.

This work is done now and we are ready to release a new update. Stay tuned!
Please update:

This version fixes this issue (and brings lots of improvements in this area)

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