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is Intraweb Application safe
I develop Application for My University in Intraweb 15. One of my programmer friend said to me that your application uses too much java script and because of these java script your application is not safe. is it ture? I am not using any java script of my own. Every thing is created by Intraweb.
Your programmer friend is very wrong. I don't even have a polite word for someone so uninformed as that person so I wont describe my reaction.

The web runs on Javascript. You would be hard pressed to find a major site that does not use Javascript.

I suggest you take advice from experienced developers, not your extremely uninformed friend.
#3 home page... 6891 lines of Javascript........
Thank you. I knew and I have full trust on Intraweb but I wanted a reply from experts. now i will throw it on his face. He was spoiling my reputation.

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