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working with template
i create small template for log in : login.html

    <p> Wellcome  </p>
    <p> {%MainRegion.edUserCode%} User Name </p>
    <p> {%MainRegion.edPassword%} Password </p>
    <p> {%MainRegion.sbLogIn%} </p>

the form includ :

1 main region
2 field on the form.
1 button.
1 TIWTemplateProcessorHTML connectent to "login.html"
alsow connected to the - LayoutMgr of the form

the screen stack in chrom and firefox
I'm not sure what the question is?
(07-12-2020, 04:40 PM)kudzu Wrote: I'm not sure what the question is?
it work with small project but not with large one.
What doesnt work? Nothing in your message that I can see is a question.

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