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Options to Deploy IW 15 apps
Hi All!

I used to develop a couple of IW 14 web apps in the past. They were deployed as Windows Services in an intranet, so no problem at all. Now, I'm evaluating the development of a IW 15 application hosted by a external service (like GoDaddy in Mexico). This application will use database (SQL-Server or MySQL)

My questions are:

What is the recommended option to use (stand alone, http.sys, service...) for a hosted IW application developed with IW 15?

What should I look for (or ask for) before purchasing a plan in the hosting service?

Is it possible to develop as a Windows Service and then change it to stand alone or http.sys?

Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado
You can use any of them successfully. IIS is probably the preferred "enterprise" deployment but all methods are capable and suitable.

You can change between deployment types by simply changing a few lines of code. You can see Guess as it has several DPRs but are all the same application.
First let's make some concepts clear.
A Windows service is a IW application with no GUI. What you call Stand Alone is the same application, but with a GUI which makes much simpler to debug. I don't recommend GUI-based apps in production, EVER.
Both Indy-based servers or Http.sys based servers can be deployed as windows services and GUI (stand alone) applications. You can convert from an Indy-based GUI application to a Http.sys service application (or any other configuration) changing exactly 2 lines of code in your DPR file.

The Http.sys application has better performance (better than anything hosted in IIS, for instance), but Indy is easier to debug and other things are simpler (e.g. installing certificates).

Regarding the hosting plan... if you are able to install a windows service on it with access to common windows infrastructure, I think you are good to go.
Thank you Kudzu and Alexandre
Yes, my concepts were a little unclear, but as I remember I deployed the web app installing it on a server without IIS, so much like installing a windows service, very convenient!
Alexandre stated that Http.sys application are not easy at installing certificates, is there any documentation or resources (both to developing for Http.sys and installing certificates) to prepare myself to deal with this task?

Best Regards
Francisco Alvarado
We have an application that not only allow you to issue your own certificates via Let's Encrypt free services, but also let you install it on Windows machines very easily.

The application will be available in the next IW release with some documents explaining how to use it. I'll keep you posted.

Switching from Indy to Http.sys (GUI, Windows Services, doesn't matter) is really simple and your app will just work in any config.
  is this Let's Encrypt capability now available? If so, where can I find an example or documentation?

The application ships with all IntraWeb installations, including the evaluation edition.

You can find it under tools subfolder, look for IWCertificateManager application in folder CertificateManager

We will be publishing a doc during this week explaining how to use most functions of that application.
Fantastic, as always.


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