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Where can I find IWClassesFix.pas
My software runs without problems with IW 15.1.22.
With IW 15.2.3 there is a problem with TIWForm.Dispose when changing pages. The debugger looks for IWClassesFix.pas and does not find it in the sources of IW 15.2.3.

Where can I find this file?
This file is not distributed with our source code because it contains parts of copyrighted code (from Delphi itself) which is partly replicated.

The best thing to do is to disable the IWClassesFix. It won't interfere with your code and it will be much easier for you to debug it (believe me, debugging IWClassesFix is painful).

To disable it you just need to add one line to your main DPR file

program Program1;

  Unit1 in 'Unit1.pas' {IWForm1: TIWAppForm},
  ServerController in 'ServerController.pas' {IWServerController: TIWServerControllerBase},
  UserSessionUnit in 'UserSessionUnit.pas' {IWUserSession: TIWUserSessionBase};

{$R *.res}

  TIWServerController.FixupPatchEnabled := False;  // ADD THIS LINE

This will disable it completely.

If you still need it anyway, feel free to write me at alexandre [at] atozed dot com

BTW, do you have the call stack of the exception?


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