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Launch HTML code (from button)
I want to start a video when clicking a button.
What should the code be on ButtonClick?
Can I use TIWSilverlightVideo
Silverlight has been deprecated by Microsoft.
You can use TIWMpeg instead, which plays standard video format
Thank you Alexandre,

I have it running, but.... only in Chroom and Firefox.
In Chroom application mode and Microsoft explorer and Edge the video is not displayed in the browser but in a local video display program.
I now allow only Chroom and Firefox, but is there a better solution?
What format is the video? You need to use a web safe video format.
I use mp4.
What is a websave format?
I can use the right mouse button to download, that should not be possible.
Is it possible to create a kind of playlist, so when one video is ready the next starts?
It means its a format that is officially supported.

MP4 is not a format, it is a container which can contain many formats of which many may not be supported for web use.
Use a TIWLabel with RawText property set to TRUE.

Then add this as the caption of the TIWLabel:

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
<source src="yourmoviefile.mp4" type="video/mp4">
<source src="yourmoviefile.ogg" type="video/ogg">
Your browser is rather old and doesn't support video

Convert your video file to mp4 and ogg format (you can find many free converters out there)

Then save yourmoviefile.mp4 and yourmoviefile.ogg inside wwwroot folder and run it.

Why 2 files?

Some browsers only support ogg files, others support mp4 files (IE) and others support both. The browser will automatically pick one that is supported and use it.

Please let me know how it goes
Oh... I was looking 5 times a day in the other thread..
Is it possible to get a mail when there is an answer on the thread?

it works just GREAT! Thanks!!!

Oh, to fast.
It downloads the video first.....
So back to my other thread; how is the new video component going?
Can I show the video streaming and not downloaded?
"Is it possible to get a mail when there is an answer on the thread"

There is an issue with this function of the forums which we've not been able to resolve as of yet.

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