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Atozed and Coronavirus
Only have a short time right now so will be quick.

Coronavirus is affecting the whole world. This should be obvious by now.

We are all clear so far. But we are being indirectly affected by CV. We are still working, but please understand that tech support and other things may be slower than usual as we deal with these effects.

Thanks for your understanding.
Thanks Kudzu, for the information.

I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we understand and we all hope that everyone at AtoZed will stay clear and unaffected.

Thanks. So far all of us are in pretty safe locations. But... even if we stay clear our countries are going to be affected and those types of things are already affecting us.

Personally I've been on almost home quarantine for over 2 weeks with only minimal outings and kids home too. Now we are on even more self lock down and there arent even any cases where we live yet. But we know its coming.....

With luck, once the initial preparations and other distractions are done, it might provide me with even more time to focus on 17.. but this last month has been a series of CV related indirect problems for us.

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