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Problem with grid data
I have a problem with grid data is not filled, everything(?) else seems to work fine.
The problem ONLY occurs when I have the ISAPI site in a different domain than the hosting page. The hosting page is just a iframe that calls the ISAPI dll with the right parameters.
I think maybe that the problem is the ajax call that the grid does to load data. There are no errors.
I have every thing running on my local IIS so I am sure that it isn't any other strange logic from the calling page (originally this is a CRM system calling the IntraWeb page).
IntraWeb 15.1.15, CGDevTools
Any ideas?
Regards Martin
I upgraded IntraWeb to IntraWeb 15.1.16, but it is the same.
if you think it's only the ajax, and maybe you can take the code out of the async proc\func and check how it "behaves" in sync?
i don't know much about ISAPI, but maybe the DB\connection is set to locall? or in absolute address? what if something is locked on a specific IP?
set some log "flags" in the Read part, and see if it goes through all of them.

btw, can we assume you mean CGDevTools ?

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