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Testing with IW http.sys freezes Windows

  I am testing IW with "http.sys" as a server, and for this, I converted an Indy IW server functional application to 'http.sys' according to this page. The application compiles ok, I set it to run as administrative local, it shows up normally, but when I open a web page with any browser in the application page it loads nothing and after a few seconds it freezes Windows 10 completely. After a while, it goes to Windows 10 blue screen and shows as stopping code "DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION". 

  I thought it could be something not properly set in my application, so I try running the 'HttpSysDemo' application too, but it behaves the same way, freezing the computer after a few seconds.

  I tried disabling the antivirus too but to no avail. I tried the conversion using the latest IW version.

  What could cause this problem?

  Joao Lira.
Hi Joao Lira,

I experienced something similar the first times I tried my HTTP.SYS application. My application used a ado dbcoonnection and adoquery to retrieve data from a sql database on a sql server.

My problem was solved when I created a username with which the application could logon on as a service (service start logon) AND I allowed the same user to access the database.

Local system was not sufficient, even though the windows logged-on user was admin.

Hello Soren,

I'll try your suggestion, thank you!

Joao Lira.
Are you sure your machine is OK? I've tested uncountable Http.sys applications on several machines, physical and virtual. Not a single issue like that.

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