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Access violation on Windows Server 2012
I have built a 64 bits web application with Intraweb 14.2.7
The application was working fine on a Windows Server 2012 R2.
I reinstalled my server with the same Windows Server 2012 R2. But now the same Intraweb application as before is not working.
I am always getting an access violation error.
I was pretty sure that it was a folder permission problem with NTFS file system. So, I granted full permission to the folder to the Intraweb application.
But still same error: access violation!
What can be the other reasons with the Intraweb application cannot run ?
This may not be the case but sometimes if you create on a server a user account with limited rights and then transfer your intraweb application using logging of the limited rights user, your application will not have rights to a directory.
I found the problem. It was missing files related to RAD Studio.
It was not supposed to arrive because none of my application was built using link libraries.
I could not find exactly which ones were missing. So, I just did a RAD Studio minimal installation on the server. And it is working.
Is there a tool to find which files are required on the server ?
You can look in your project file. Or you can turn off packages and in most cases you will only need your main binary unless you need specific DLLs for Third parties.

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