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published my iwtest application to my web host

i write a program test with delphi 10.2 tokyo and use intraweb

it is very simple case study examples 

it work on localhost:8888 very nice 
but i copy  it's files to my web host at internet

it's link address is  i see it but when i click iwButton1  . it nothing do

it must copy iwedit  text to iwmemo  but at internet no work.

i copy this files to my internet host  /  folder

1-   iwtest.html
2-   iwtest_files  folder and it's files

what wrong my work?

please help me

thank you before

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You cant simply just copy an EXE file. First you need to determine what deployment type that you want:

In addition to that there are also ASP.NET and HTTP.SYS that are not listed in that link.

For SA, which I suspect you have currently:

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