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Delphi Project Options: Forms not listed ?
Hi All,

I'm wondering if there is a problem with my setup of Delphi 10.. I want to change the main form of a project (SA HTTP) but when entering Project Options, Application, Form, the fields are all empty. It's like there are no forms in the project.

Normally (in a VCL application) I would be able to define which forms are auto created and which are not, and also define the main form, but as it is all empty its not possible. I have tried on 2 different Delphi 10.3 installations and it's the same on both.

Now, I do understand the IW projects are WebApplications and not VCL application and as such the ability to define which forms are auto created or not, do not apply, but the principle of the Main Form do, and as far as I can see, the only way to change it, is to manually remove the Initialization section of the current main form, and put it in the form to be the new main form instead.

My question is if that is the correct way of doing it ?

In the project options, the top combobox is Main Form, I would expect the available forms to be listed here and the actual main form selected, but that is not the case. Should that not be the case for IW forms as well as VCL Forms ?

Yes that is the correct way to do it. Auto Create is not the same as "main form" anyway. That dialog is for non web apps only and pre creating web forms other than the main form is a rare need in web apps anyway.

Extending that dialog in all the IDEs we support is non trivial and not really needed.

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