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Property change not saved
Hi All,

I wonder if there is a missing setting somewhere in my setup. When I change any property value, that is, those where I can type a new value directly in the field, like Height, Left, Top and Width to mention a few, the value I enter is not saved unless I leave the field with arrow up or down, press enter or click another property with the mouse. Thus leaving the field, but staying within the property editor of the same component.

It's been like that since I first installed IntraWeb earlier this year, and apart from wondering now and again why the value I just entered did not seem to change anything, realizing the reason was it was not changed after all, I haven't really though much about it. And every time I have, I've usually been too busy and have forgotten about it again.

Today I had a little more time and realize that where the value I enter in any property in any other components than the IntraWeb ones, stays as entered when I click another component, without having to use arrow up or down, or enter or click on another property. Currently I'm working with a TMS IWAdvWebGrid and is switching between the TMS component and the IW components, and the difference is quite noticeable.

How come it is necessary for IW components, to move out of the property field, but still stay within the property editor of the same IW component, to have the property editor save the value, when it is not the case with other components ? Is that a setting somewhere on my system I have not set correctly, it is an error of some kind in the IW components, or is this behavior by design ?

I've seen this but its not IW. IW doesn't change the property mechanisms for the Object Inspector.

I just tried to repro this with a VCL app and can't. As soon as I change the caption for a button, it updates even without pressing enter etc. I then went to an IW 15 app, and same thing. As I type the caption it updates the text live.

It might have to do with number or such properties that need to be parsed. For those you can press enter to have it set the property. I've seen this in VCL as well as IW apps, so its not an IW thing.

Update: Yep.. Tested it. Its number and properties that need to be parsed and it does the same for both VCL and IW. Its just the Delphi IDE.

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