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numerous TBitmap errors
My desktop app works OK, but when I tried to move the code to intraweb I got many errors, "unknown identifiers"
"canvas has no brush class"

starting from
napis.PixelFormat:= pf24bit; "property is read only"

intraweb 15.1.5 delphi xe7


napis:= TBitmap;

napis:= TBitmap.Create;
napis.PixelFormat:= pf24bit;
napis.Canvas.Brush.Color := RGB(50,50,50);
napis.Canvas.Brush.Style := bsSolid;
napis.Width:= zdjęcie.Width;
napis.Height:= zdjęcie.Height;
napis.Canvas.Font.Quality:= fqAntialiased;
napis.Canvas.Font.Name:='Microsoft Sans Serif';
[quote pid='4685' dateline='1575293764']
So the order of declarations matters.

I have
Classes, SysUtils, Vcl.Graphics, Vcl.Controls, IWAppForm, IWApplication, IWColor,
  IWTypes, IWCompButton, IWCompRadioButton, IWCompExtCtrls,  IWVCLBaseControl,
  IWBaseControl, IWBaseHTMLControl, IWControl, IWCompEdit, IWHTMLControls;

and it has turned out that
Winapi.Windows, //for TRGBTriple and scanline, //for TBitmap;
has to be put at the beggining of the "uses" part, and now it all works only pretty slowly, comparing with the desktop app with the same code.

FMX.Graphics shouldn't be included in IntraWeb applications. IntraWeb uses VCL, not FMX framework.

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