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Possible IW Bug serving files folders with hyphen
I'll run a test in our test environment and let you know if something needs fixing.
Not yet released, but please try this instead:
Alexandre, I did and did again more than twenty times what you said. Using IW 15.1.7
<Your application folder>
|----- wwwroot
|----- acme-challenge

I am putting the file challenge generated by zeroSSL into acme-challenge.
I enabled ACME in servercontroller.
I have selected in zeroSSL site to validate  using HTTP.
When I click in zeroSSL to verify the challenge file I get:

Verification results
Some domains have failed verification. Please study the list below and then click "Next" to try requesting new challenges for them. Note: the challenge values will be different.
Domain Error Invalid response from []: "<!DOCTYPE HTML><html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV=\"Content-Type\" content=\"text/html; charset=utf-8\"><META HTTP-EQUIV=\"Expires\" CONTENT"

I just tested with IW 15.1.9 and it works now.
What was wrong?

Regards, Luiz
IW Server was failing to find the file without extension. But it had nothing to do with the hyphen ;-)

Without the sources, I was suspected of the hyphen.
Thank you, Alexandre.
Yes, makes sense, of course.

But a simple test will show that it works with hyphens: if you try, for instance acm-e-challenge (2 hyphens), it will work (inside wwwroot in this case)


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